Style tip of the Week-How to shop for proper shape wear

I know a lot of us girls are not big fans of shape-wear because its hot or too much of a task to put on. However, the shape-wear has become one of the essential pieces to any girls wardrobe. Well lets talk about what and why its needed.
What is shape-wear??
Its a fancy name for a girdle.
What It does?
It providessupport and smoothing where its needed. conceal cellulite, conquers muffin tops, positively enhances curves and improves the fit and line of clothes.
Why wear it?
You want to look stunning in your clothes.
Now, that we have that out the way.. You should at least have these 2 top shape-wear in your wardrobe..
 Full body Shape Wear (with or without the bra, whatever your preference is)- This garment is a multitasker on many levels. it nips the waist, it lifts the buttocks, slim the thighs and shapes the bust. Wearing a full body shaper means you don’t need to worry about shifting body parts, cellulite, or a protruding stomach. The shaper can be worn with dresses and skirts that reach the knee or below and with blouses and pants too. If chafing on the inner thigh is an issue this garment is a great alternative to a full body slip. When buying a full body shaper with the bra according to bra size. The open bust style is generally sold in 1X-3X with translate into 14/16, 18/20, 22/24.

Control Full-Slip- This slip will give you a perfect support and a sleek look in your most fitted or body con dresses and all the seaming and contouring will also give you an extra bit of sexy sass. There is only one reason not to own a control full slip: you don’t wear dresses or skirts. It works well under fitted, wrap and cocktail dresses, dresses with a defined waist, skirt and blouses. Now, when you buy the control full slip, to insure a good fit, have your bust, waist, and hip measurements handy and know your dress size. This will also help if you buying online, When shopping in a store, take the time to try on slips. If the size is correct, the fit will be smooth all around, and the straps will lay softly across your shoulders, not dig in your skin.

If you are a rookie in the shaperwaer department, I suggest you start with the full body shape wear until you are comfortable. I also recommend when looking for the right fit, go down a size. Your shape wear should fit comfortable snugged, if you go too small it will cut into your skin. Stores that you can purchase inexpensive shape wear, Target, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.
If you decide to try to purchase a shape wear, leave a comment and let me know, about your experience!! Next week will be cover your closet. That right, the “Closet Cleanse”. Until then, have a wonderful stylish day!!!

How to wear floral and prints 

Most women like florals, stripes,and prints but most don’t think they can wear it or not sure how to style them.. 

During the summer months I have decided to do what I call a “Pop Up Summer Styling Session”to educate about body types, what’s hot and how to put looks together. 

Yesterday my styling session was do’s and don’t of how to wear florals and prints.

Below, are a few looks from that session and how you can add  these hot pieces to your wardrobe.

My Style-My Pop Of Color

Yesterday I had my Pop Up Summer Styling Session!! I knew I wanted to be cute but comfortable, because I knew I would be on the move  a lot and on my feet for hours. 

So I grabbed my black dress from Target, distressed jeans from fashion to figure,orange necklace from Charming Charlie’s and  my stylish black wedges from Payless. 

The outfit was perfect and the session was an success!! 

Summer’s Hottest Swim Wear 

I don’t know how to swim, but I love the water. This year I said I was going to get a new swim suit. 

I must admit, I’m not bikini ready, but I found that the high waisted bikini and the swim dress is hot for this summer . It covers some of my problem area and makes me look slimmer at the waist.😉

Check out some of the looks below. You can get these hotties by clicking link under the pictures.

The Style of My Mother

A lot people want to know where did my inspiration of style and fashion come from, well the answer is my mother.

My mother was the real life Joan Collins to me. She was pretty, smart and stylish.

I watch my mommy get ready everyday,(yes, I called my mother, mommy) put her clothes on, makeup and perfume. She was actually the first curvy lady I saw with style way before the curvy and plus size blew up!! She was the  ultimate style chic!

My mommy is in heaven now but she left me with a few tips that I wanted to share with you style chic’s. 

1. Have good manners– A lady/style chic always displays good manners in every situation. Yes mama no mama, and thank you go along ways.

2. Designer Original– Don’t try to be anyone else but who God has created you to be.  Be the best you, you can be. When He made you, He broke the mold.

3. Never Be In Competition– Whether  it’s your biological or a  sister/friend bond. Always be there to lift her up and cover her. When she win, you win and when you win she wins. There is enough room at the top for everyone.

4. Keep it Classy- Never let anyone take you out of your character, always keep it classy. My mother would always say, “never let them see you sweat.”

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!!! I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration!!

Maybe The Last,But Still The First

I haven’t done a blog post on FLOTUS in a few years. So I only think it would be appropriate to high light her style, since this is  the last White House Correspondent dinner for the Obama’s.

I’ve always like her style no matter if she is dress to the nines or in chucks and Jeans. She always looks fabulous.

This year she chose a gold shimmering Givenchy Couture dress which is super glamorous. 

This maybe her last White House Dinner but she will always be the fabulous, glamorous, and style chic, FLOTUS.

Denim Up 

Did you know that denim has become the #1 season essential??

It is a stay in many closets no matter the time of the year, which makes it hot for this season.

See the many ways that you can incorporate denim pieces in your wardrobe.



My Favorite Looks From NYFW 2016

This was one of the hardest post to date. As I was watching New York Fashion Week, I saw a lot of fabulous looks that hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. 

I knew that I would do “my fav looks” from these collection but I had over 20 looks I loved and I know I couldn’t put all of them on this post or it would be way too much…. Lol

So I did my best to pick what I thought would be hot this Fall.. Enjoy!

Michael Kors F/W 2016 Collection 

Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2016 Collection  
Pamella Roland F/W 2016 Collection 

 Ralph Lauren F/W 2016 Collection 
Julien MacDonald F/W 2016 Collection  
 Alice &Olivia F/W 2016 Collection