EthniCITY Brand

This weekend I had the pleasure to see the fabulous Ethnicity Brand 2017 Collection by D.C. fashion designer Desmond Handon. 

I will be straight up, I have never heard of him or his brand until recently however I was very impress with what I saw.

Let me tell you a bit about this Fashion Designer extrodinaire !

EthniCITY is a fashion and production company founded by Desmond Handon in 2010 . The company produces runway and street wear designs as well as jewelry and other custom accessories for men and women. 

EthniCITY brand pushes the boundaries with its custom garments and jewelry providing its clients with the sophistication of New York City’s fashion runways and the flavor of DC’s streets. The company’s name—“EthniCITY”—draws on the diversity of fashion and culture found in the Washington, DC area.

Now that you know who he is and his brand. Here are a few pictures from the collection!!

EthniCITY 2017 Collection 

Me and Fashion Designer Desmond Handon 

To see more visit the website.

My Style-My Pop Of Color

Yesterday I had my Pop Up Summer Styling Session!! I knew I wanted to be cute but comfortable, because I knew I would be on the move  a lot and on my feet for hours. 

So I grabbed my black dress from Target, distressed jeans from fashion to figure,orange necklace from Charming Charlie’s and  my stylish black wedges from Payless. 

The outfit was perfect and the session was an success!! 

Summer’s Hottest Swim Wear 

I don’t know how to swim, but I love the water. This year I said I was going to get a new swim suit. 

I must admit, I’m not bikini ready, but I found that the high waisted bikini and the swim dress is hot for this summer . It covers some of my problem area and makes me look slimmer at the waist.😉

Check out some of the looks below. You can get these hotties by clicking link under the pictures.

Denim Up 

Did you know that denim has become the #1 season essential??

It is a stay in many closets no matter the time of the year, which makes it hot for this season.

See the many ways that you can incorporate denim pieces in your wardrobe.



Burberry The Exclusive Designer For Adele’s 2016 World Tour


If you haven’t heard yet, Burberry will be the exclusive designer for Adele on her 2016 world tour.

They have dressed Adele for the Oscars and several of her performances.

Burberry had made the announcement on their Instagram, along with the custom made gown for her tour, shown below.

Adele is on tour from now until November.

My Favorite Looks From NYFW 2016

This was one of the hardest post to date. As I was watching New York Fashion Week, I saw a lot of fabulous looks that hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. 

I knew that I would do “my fav looks” from these collection but I had over 20 looks I loved and I know I couldn’t put all of them on this post or it would be way too much…. Lol

So I did my best to pick what I thought would be hot this Fall.. Enjoy!

Michael Kors F/W 2016 Collection 

Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2016 Collection  
Pamella Roland F/W 2016 Collection 

 Ralph Lauren F/W 2016 Collection 
Julien MacDonald F/W 2016 Collection  
 Alice &Olivia F/W 2016 Collection   


3 Things You Should Do When Your Cleaning Out Your Closet

When was the last time you were able to close your closet door?? 

I’m waiting.. Weeks, months, maybe years…

Well no worries, i know it can be a stressful task, especially when you look into your wardrobe, you see all the memories that give life to your clothes; your aware of the money you spent and the moment you consider extracting a piece, you say to yourself what if mini skirts come back, what if I take that trip to Florida, etc..

Well I believe these 3 things will help the what if’s.

1. Donate– Go through your closet, if you have not worn it in 6 months to a year, give it to charity.

2. Store for a season– You should be closet cleanse every season. Spring will be approaching very soon. This will be a great time to start storing your seasonal pieces.

3. Keep– These are clothes you will keep, but remember make sure you have your essentials like, white shirt, nice dark denim jean, little black dress, black jacket, skirt, and pants. Also have piece you can dress with more than one thing.

4. Bonus– You can always hire a personal stylist( like me)to help you with your closet makeover.

I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment and tell me what your tips for closet cleansing.

Cover Me Furry

Today, I’m loving my favorite accessory, it’s the “furry boot cover”. I love them because you can dress them up or down (haven’t dress them up yet), but I love it gives my uggs that swag look. 

 You can get yours at

The Top Luxuary Bag That Are Worth The Investment


1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Neverfull is a chic way to lug your multitude of essentials every where you go. This bag was one of the fastest sellers in 2015 and reports say they sold for an average of 83% of the full retail price.

2. Chanel Wallet On Chain

This WOC is technically a wallet, but thanks to the long chain, this classic style is worn by many as a compact cross body or carried as a clutch. This bag is also reported to sell for  75%. Of their retail price.

3. Gucci Soho

This 70’s vibe bag can be dressed up or down. They’re pretty classic, but you will never get sick of them. Soho is reported to be the fastest selling, going for about 60% of their full retail price.

4. Celine Handbag

This bag is the ultimate insiders bag can also be dress up or down. You can put just about anything you need in this bag. This is a low key favorite among celebs and fashion folks alike. If you ever give yours up, reports says, expect a speedy sell at about 60% of the full retail price.

5. Chloe Marcie

The Marcie bag is roomy versatile and looks great with anything. With this being one of the most popular bags it’s frequently on back order. Report say that it sells at 60% of the retail price.

What all Fashion Girls Have.

1. The Pom Pom keychain- This is a very hot accessory to put on your favorite bag or use it as a fashionable key chain.

2. A flattering Jumpsuit- whether it’s casual or form fitting, every fashion girl should have at least one jumpsuit their wardrobe. 

3 Embellished Shoe- I love bling and sparkle. You definitely can wear this pump with a LBD or cute jeans.

4. Infinity Scarf-Scarves are not just  for cold weather. They have become the go to accessories. You can wear a infinity scarf all year around with just about anything. 

5. The colorful socks- what fashion girl don’t like cute colorful socks?!?! I love them and I keep myself stock on this little cuties. I wear them around the house, with boots, and tennis shoes. Love,Love, Love.

Wear to get these items:

Pom Pom Keychain-


Infinity Scarf-