Style tip of the Week-How to shop for proper shape wear

I know a lot of us girls are not big fans of shape-wear because its hot or too much of a task to put on. However, the shape-wear has become one of the essential pieces to any girls wardrobe. Well lets talk about what and why its needed.
What is shape-wear??
Its a fancy name for a girdle.
What It does?
It providessupport and smoothing where its needed. conceal cellulite, conquers muffin tops, positively enhances curves and improves the fit and line of clothes.
Why wear it?
You want to look stunning in your clothes.
Now, that we have that out the way.. You should at least have these 2 top shape-wear in your wardrobe..
 Full body Shape Wear (with or without the bra, whatever your preference is)- This garment is a multitasker on many levels. it nips the waist, it lifts the buttocks, slim the thighs and shapes the bust. Wearing a full body shaper means you don’t need to worry about shifting body parts, cellulite, or a protruding stomach. The shaper can be worn with dresses and skirts that reach the knee or below and with blouses and pants too. If chafing on the inner thigh is an issue this garment is a great alternative to a full body slip. When buying a full body shaper with the bra according to bra size. The open bust style is generally sold in 1X-3X with translate into 14/16, 18/20, 22/24.

Control Full-Slip- This slip will give you a perfect support and a sleek look in your most fitted or body con dresses and all the seaming and contouring will also give you an extra bit of sexy sass. There is only one reason not to own a control full slip: you don’t wear dresses or skirts. It works well under fitted, wrap and cocktail dresses, dresses with a defined waist, skirt and blouses. Now, when you buy the control full slip, to insure a good fit, have your bust, waist, and hip measurements handy and know your dress size. This will also help if you buying online, When shopping in a store, take the time to try on slips. If the size is correct, the fit will be smooth all around, and the straps will lay softly across your shoulders, not dig in your skin.

If you are a rookie in the shaperwaer department, I suggest you start with the full body shape wear until you are comfortable. I also recommend when looking for the right fit, go down a size. Your shape wear should fit comfortable snugged, if you go too small it will cut into your skin. Stores that you can purchase inexpensive shape wear, Target, Kohl’s, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls.
If you decide to try to purchase a shape wear, leave a comment and let me know, about your experience!! Next week will be cover your closet. That right, the “Closet Cleanse”. Until then, have a wonderful stylish day!!!

Wedge Edge

Right now all the stars are wearing the Givenchy Shark- Lock Wedge Bootie with a price tag of $1450.00.

Would you rock these??

Well if you are thinking thats a bit much!!! Well have no fear I found an expensive leather Bootie that can give you the same look and more money in your pocket. I found this forever 21 cutie for $34.

Which one will you rock?? Let me know. Until next blog post.

Target Preps For Marimekko 

I know some of you are thinking who is Marimekko?!?! Maybe some already know who they are, but just in case I will give a little history.

Marimekko is a Helsinki, Finland company that was form in 1951 by two women name Riita Immonen & Armi Ratia. 

They didn’t make it in the fashion world until the 1960’s when Maija Isola & Vuokko Nurenesniemi came on board.  They are known for their bright bold colored print fabric and simple style, for both women clothes and home furnishings, because of this they are a household name all around the world. 

They are teaming up with Target to bring an affordable line of women and kids clothes along with home furnishings. This is one of Targets biggest retail collaboration to date.

Below is a sneak peak into the line. In stores and online April 17.


My Favorite Looks From NYFW 2016

This was one of the hardest post to date. As I was watching New York Fashion Week, I saw a lot of fabulous looks that hit the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. 

I knew that I would do “my fav looks” from these collection but I had over 20 looks I loved and I know I couldn’t put all of them on this post or it would be way too much…. Lol

So I did my best to pick what I thought would be hot this Fall.. Enjoy!

Michael Kors F/W 2016 Collection 

Zuhair Murad Pre-Fall 2016 Collection  
Pamella Roland F/W 2016 Collection 

 Ralph Lauren F/W 2016 Collection 
Julien MacDonald F/W 2016 Collection  
 Alice &Olivia F/W 2016 Collection   


How To Create A Success Wall

Here in the DMV(dc,md,va) we are experiencing a snow blizzard and before its all over with we will have at least 30 inches of snow.. Ugh!! 

For most people it’s a day of chilling and relaxing, now there is nothing wrong with it, however I decided to take my snow days and work on my business.

I have created a success wall, or what some people call it affirmation wall. I keep this near to me and recite every day of positive confession over myself and business to keep me focus on my goals and as a result I have been able to take my business to a another level.

I would like to share with you how to make a success wall for you, your family, and your business or whatever you would like to create.

Here are the items you need to create a success wall;

1. Poster board (I decided to do black poster board) but whatever color you would like your board to be.

2. Colorful post it notes.(preferably bright colors)

3. Stickers (stars, initials, etc)

4. Black sharpie 

5. A note pad (use this to write down your confession before writing and posting it on your wall)

Things you can write down. Ex: I’m creative, I’m a winner, I have a million dollar business, etc.

I believe when you start your success wall everything that you say and or confess will happen!!

I posted below a few pics of my success wall.



Cover Me Furry

Today, I’m loving my favorite accessory, it’s the “furry boot cover”. I love them because you can dress them up or down (haven’t dress them up yet), but I love it gives my uggs that swag look. 

 You can get yours at

The Top Luxuary Bag That Are Worth The Investment


1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Neverfull is a chic way to lug your multitude of essentials every where you go. This bag was one of the fastest sellers in 2015 and reports say they sold for an average of 83% of the full retail price.

2. Chanel Wallet On Chain

This WOC is technically a wallet, but thanks to the long chain, this classic style is worn by many as a compact cross body or carried as a clutch. This bag is also reported to sell for  75%. Of their retail price.

3. Gucci Soho

This 70’s vibe bag can be dressed up or down. They’re pretty classic, but you will never get sick of them. Soho is reported to be the fastest selling, going for about 60% of their full retail price.

4. Celine Handbag

This bag is the ultimate insiders bag can also be dress up or down. You can put just about anything you need in this bag. This is a low key favorite among celebs and fashion folks alike. If you ever give yours up, reports says, expect a speedy sell at about 60% of the full retail price.

5. Chloe Marcie

The Marcie bag is roomy versatile and looks great with anything. With this being one of the most popular bags it’s frequently on back order. Report say that it sells at 60% of the retail price.

What all Fashion Girls Have.

1. The Pom Pom keychain- This is a very hot accessory to put on your favorite bag or use it as a fashionable key chain.

2. A flattering Jumpsuit- whether it’s casual or form fitting, every fashion girl should have at least one jumpsuit their wardrobe. 

3 Embellished Shoe- I love bling and sparkle. You definitely can wear this pump with a LBD or cute jeans.

4. Infinity Scarf-Scarves are not just  for cold weather. They have become the go to accessories. You can wear a infinity scarf all year around with just about anything. 

5. The colorful socks- what fashion girl don’t like cute colorful socks?!?! I love them and I keep myself stock on this little cuties. I wear them around the house, with boots, and tennis shoes. Love,Love, Love.

Wear to get these items:

Pom Pom Keychain-


Infinity Scarf-


My top favorite brands that give back

Dharma Co.

This company use earth-friendly material and products. Every product is manufactured in an audit factory, which means that a third party company insures safe working conditions, fair pay, and high labor standards. One of the best things I like about this company they partner with Optometry Giving Sight to establish vision centers as well as high quality eyewear at a affordable rate. They donate 5% of each sale which means that you make an impact with every pair purchased.

Michael Star

He collaborated with Joyful Heart Foundation which works to empower survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. This year he released t-shirts with encouraging words. 25% of the sales will be donated to the foundation.

Alex and Ani

They offer 47 Charity by Design bangles with each representing a different charity from Alexis lemonade stands to American cancer society. 25% of sales are donated to the designated charity.

1 Face

Fam Mirza started 1 face in 2012 and the company now makes three different style watches, from cool touch screen to sleek timepieces. When you buy 1 face , it lets you choose from one of nine causes to support. It tells you exactly how your purchase help support people with AIDS, cancer, hunger, etc.

Serena Williams-Sportsperson of the Year


Congratulations to Serena for being name by Sports Illustrated “Sportperson of the Year”

She embodies style, power,beauty, courage, and well deserved!!