My favorite places in California.

1. Beverly Hills– Of course this is the place to shop. All style chics love fashion, right??  Rodeo Drive has all the high end stores and while I was there I visit the popular Sprinkles Cupcakes. The best things I like about it is that right next door they had Sprinkles Ice Cream. I love Ice Cream, I can eat it all year round.. Lol. They have a neat ATM where you can get fresh cupcakes. How wonderful is that!!

2. Santa Monica-Driving down the coast, where there are beautiful beaches and water is so amazing!! The scenery is so refreshing and calm, if you are a journal writer like me,this is definitely a place to go to. The bonus is if you drive a few miles down the road you will be in sunny Malibu! 

3. Hollywood-Well not only do you get to walk down the Blvd  to the famous Hollywood walk of fame, but not to far you can eat at Roscoe Chicken& Waffles. The best chicken and waffles I have ever had in my life!!! While I was there found a cute Mobil accessory truck with some amazing stuff!! Her name is Dronda and she is the owner of Necessities and Accessories with Sprinkles. It’s a store full of bags, necklaces, bracelets and more. You name it she got it and she ships to any where in the United States.. If you are anything like me customer service means a lot she serve each customers with excellence. Oh I did buy a cute handmade denim bag which is pictured below. If you are in the Hollywood area, please check her out. She is also on Instagram @na_sprinkles

4. San Diego– Now let me start by saying San Diego is a two and half hour drive from L.A. but it is so worth the trip. My husband and I took a day to enjoy the sunny city an its beautiful mountains and trees. The weather is actually much cooler the L.A. Make sure you go by Fashion Valley Mall, you know I found shopping, right?? (Well actually my husband did… Lol) great shops there. You can also walk with your honey by the water downtown , where you can see the Port of San Diego with the navy ships and the Unconditional Surrender Salute Statue.

Well as you see I really enjoyed my Cali trip. When you get a chance to go make sure you checkout some of these beautiful places and let me know what you think. Also I would love to know some of your favorite places.