The Style of My Mother

A lot people want to know where did my inspiration of style and fashion come from, well the answer is my mother.

My mother was the real life Joan Collins to me. She was pretty, smart and stylish.

I watch my mommy get ready everyday,(yes, I called my mother, mommy) put her clothes on, makeup and perfume. She was actually the first curvy lady I saw with style way before the curvy and plus size blew up!! She was the  ultimate style chic!

My mommy is in heaven now but she left me with a few tips that I wanted to share with you style chic’s. 

1. Have good manners– A lady/style chic always displays good manners in every situation. Yes mama no mama, and thank you go along ways.

2. Designer Original– Don’t try to be anyone else but who God has created you to be.  Be the best you, you can be. When He made you, He broke the mold.

3. Never Be In Competition– Whether  it’s your biological or a  sister/friend bond. Always be there to lift her up and cover her. When she win, you win and when you win she wins. There is enough room at the top for everyone.

4. Keep it Classy- Never let anyone take you out of your character, always keep it classy. My mother would always say, “never let them see you sweat.”

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!!! I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration!!


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