How to have a Jetsetter Style

  This is the traveling season, which means it time to take inventory of our travel wardrobe.

While some of us dress for comfort while traveling, we go to the baggy sweats, t-shirts, which sometimes can make you look sloppy.

Here I break down the Jetsetter trends for the travel chic.

Jumpsuit-They are very comfortable but chic, you can pair it with flats or converse.

Denim Dress- You can pair this  dress with a gladiator sandal which is cute and casual.

Distress Jeans- Who doesn’t like a nice jean to wear with a nice sweater?? I know it’s the summer months, so you probably thinking sweater?!?! Well this  will come to play when you get on the plane and the a/c is on blast.. Ugh!! Make sure you wear a nice graphic Tee, so when you take the sweater off you are still rocking! 

Maxi Dress- They never get old.. You can wear them for all year round! Easy to move in and you can add a motto jacket for a great look. 

Leggings-I love leggings and it’s really classy way to wear them. Check out Kendall Jenner travel look, paired with faux leggings basic white Tee, Adidas, and a over size blazer.


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