Target Preps For Marimekko 

I know some of you are thinking who is Marimekko?!?! Maybe some already know who they are, but just in case I will give a little history.

Marimekko is a Helsinki, Finland company that was form in 1951 by two women name Riita Immonen & Armi Ratia. 

They didn’t make it in the fashion world until the 1960’s when Maija Isola & Vuokko Nurenesniemi came on board.  They are known for their bright bold colored print fabric and simple style, for both women clothes and home furnishings, because of this they are a household name all around the world. 

They are teaming up with Target to bring an affordable line of women and kids clothes along with home furnishings. This is one of Targets biggest retail collaboration to date.

Below is a sneak peak into the line. In stores and online April 17.



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