How To Create A Success Wall

Here in the DMV(dc,md,va) we are experiencing a snow blizzard and before its all over with we will have at least 30 inches of snow.. Ugh!! 

For most people it’s a day of chilling and relaxing, now there is nothing wrong with it, however I decided to take my snow days and work on my business.

I have created a success wall, or what some people call it affirmation wall. I keep this near to me and recite every day of positive confession over myself and business to keep me focus on my goals and as a result I have been able to take my business to a another level.

I would like to share with you how to make a success wall for you, your family, and your business or whatever you would like to create.

Here are the items you need to create a success wall;

1. Poster board (I decided to do black poster board) but whatever color you would like your board to be.

2. Colorful post it notes.(preferably bright colors)

3. Stickers (stars, initials, etc)

4. Black sharpie 

5. A note pad (use this to write down your confession before writing and posting it on your wall)

Things you can write down. Ex: I’m creative, I’m a winner, I have a million dollar business, etc.

I believe when you start your success wall everything that you say and or confess will happen!!

I posted below a few pics of my success wall.




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