The Top Luxuary Bag That Are Worth The Investment


1. Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Neverfull is a chic way to lug your multitude of essentials every where you go. This bag was one of the fastest sellers in 2015 and reports say they sold for an average of 83% of the full retail price.

2. Chanel Wallet On Chain

This WOC is technically a wallet, but thanks to the long chain, this classic style is worn by many as a compact cross body or carried as a clutch. This bag is also reported to sell for  75%. Of their retail price.

3. Gucci Soho

This 70’s vibe bag can be dressed up or down. They’re pretty classic, but you will never get sick of them. Soho is reported to be the fastest selling, going for about 60% of their full retail price.

4. Celine Handbag

This bag is the ultimate insiders bag can also be dress up or down. You can put just about anything you need in this bag. This is a low key favorite among celebs and fashion folks alike. If you ever give yours up, reports says, expect a speedy sell at about 60% of the full retail price.

5. Chloe Marcie

The Marcie bag is roomy versatile and looks great with anything. With this being one of the most popular bags it’s frequently on back order. Report say that it sells at 60% of the retail price.


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