What all Fashion Girls Have.

1. The Pom Pom keychain- This is a very hot accessory to put on your favorite bag or use it as a fashionable key chain.

2. A flattering Jumpsuit- whether it’s casual or form fitting, every fashion girl should have at least one jumpsuit their wardrobe. 

3 Embellished Shoe- I love bling and sparkle. You definitely can wear this pump with a LBD or cute jeans.

4. Infinity Scarf-Scarves are not just  for cold weather. They have become the go to accessories. You can wear a infinity scarf all year around with just about anything. 

5. The colorful socks- what fashion girl don’t like cute colorful socks?!?! I love them and I keep myself stock on this little cuties. I wear them around the house, with boots, and tennis shoes. Love,Love, Love.

Wear to get these items:

Pom Pom Keychain- http://www.loveculture.com


Embellished Shoes-www.dsw.com

Infinity Scarf- http://www.glamerous.com

Colorful Socks-www.amazon.com http://www.target.com


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