Intentional Style

I just came back from an awesome NYC day trip with a group of my good friends!! 

I love NYC, the food, fashion, and culture!! I feel like singing New York by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys(but I won’t)… Lol

Well as I people watch and just take in all that NYC has to offer in the short period of time. I realize the way they dress, shop, and eat is intentional. This is the city where big dreams are made of, right?? 

So what is your intentional style? 

You say what do you mean?? Well, Intentional is done on purpose or deliberate.

Let me give you a few things that I do on purpose to add to my style.

1. I wear a pop of color on my lips.

2. I wear my Alex and Ani bracelets with everything. (Dress up or down)

3. I wear exclusive statement pieces to motivate conversation. (Especially if you are at a networking event)

4. My hair is done(even if you are in between going to the hair salon, add a pretty head band or wrap).

I would like to hear from you. Let me know what’s  your intentional style, until next time. 




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