How attending the right event can inspire you and your business

The last few days have been mind blowing!!! I went to the Virtuous Women Conference and the theme was “I AM”.

As I was thinking about what to blog, I thought it will be great to share with you the few things I learned this past week to incorporate in making myself and my blogging business better.

1. You are what you think. If you think good or bad about yourself or business, that what it is. 

2. Watch and listen to positive things that feed your mind and soul.

3. They’re shouldn’t be any grey areas in your life or business; be consistent in all areas of life. No, jumping on or off, keep moving!! 

4. If your friends are not multiplying or adding to your life, get rid of them. (In a nice way, smile))

5. Invest in things that will multiple your business.

6. A great leader, is a great server.

7. Last, know that God created you to be you. Rock and embrace who you are!!! 

I hope what I learned over these few days have inspire you.



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