My Transformation Weekend

This weekend I did a transformation with my hair and wardrobe!!  As a fashion blogger, i know i have to look the part especially if i am  going to be a expert in my field, but I had some challenges that I had to get over.

I’m going to be transparent, my midsection is one of those body parts that I like to hide. So I would shy away from things that I thought wouldn’t work for me, like body con dresses, real form fitting,etc. However, my friend and stylist Coach Kellie Thompson took me out of my comfort zone and gave me a total transformation!!!

Now, I’m ready to take my business to another level! Time to network and get this party started!!

So ladies lets get out of our comfort zone and step out the box!! I will guarantee you, it will transform your life!!

Here a few looks that I would have never thought I would try, but I love it!!  The last picture is actually what I wore today at church.



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