Essential tips for Men Grooming.

Since this past Saturday was National Men Grooming Day; in honor of that day, I would share a few tip on how to keep any man on top of his game!!

1. Haircut– I think a well groom man needs to have a fresh cut. I love to see my husband with a nice hair cut, shaped up real nice, beard and mustache trim. You should be going to the barbershop every week or every two weeks, depending on how your hair grows.

2. Cologne– Most all women love to a good smelling man!! For men who is new to the cologne/fragrance. The key though is the fragrance itself. Since work differently from person to person depending on your body chemistry. So you have to be patient and know that the cologne is not going to smell the same or your friend as it will smell on you. Take your time sample, and walk around. Ask people your know and trust their opinion.

3. Skin Care– I know most men  just use some body wash and out on sis lotion or not at all, and think that’s skins care, well not quite.. Men needs to cleanse their face and moisturize just like women. If you are not sure about the routine, you can  go to companies like, Art of Shave or Nordstrom men to talk to an expert about what works best for you. 

4. Mani and Pedi-just so you know they don’t call it MANicure for nothing. While I know walking into a salon with a bunch of women looking could a little uncomfortable, I’ll guarantee you will get over it real fast. A trip to the nail salon is quick, inexpensive, and completely worth it.  We can’t forget the feet.. I know some men cover their feet in shoes and boots, doesn’t mean your should ignore them. Whether you wear sandals or not someone we’ll see your feet, you don’t want to be embarrassed. Who wants to lay next someone who has rough feet?!?! Going to the salon 1 or 2 times a month won’t hurt.


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