How to Develop a Beauty Team


I know you are thinking why do I need a beauty team, isn’t that for famous people??

Well no, not necessarily. I guarantee you already have an image team and don’t realize it.

Whether you want to realize or not  you need an beauty team. You need to develop a relationship with people who specifically trained to help you look your best. The more I know, the more I realize that it does take a village to put your best face forward.

In this post I will share my beauty team:

1. Myself– I am my own greatest asset. I must make it a practice to learn the lastest trends on clothing, beauty and how makeup can flattered me. I also study myself and what looks good on me.

 You must understand that you are the center of your beauty team; the rest are experts in their fields, but you are the expert of yourself.

2. Physician-I can’t look my best when I don’t feel my best. Remember health is beauty and it starts from the inside. I make sure I get the proper preventative medical checkups on a regular basis. I ask questions and get suggestion from my physician so I can make the proper health steps for a balanced life.

3. Dentist-It can be difficult to put my best face forward and hide my teeth at the same time. Not only good oral health attractive but, dental checkups can often show early signs of other medical issues that need to be brought to the attention of my physician.

4.Personal Shoppers-Because I frequent many stores and boutiques. I have develop relationships with salespeople at some of my favorite stores and have developed a friendship with some of them…. They keep me on their very important client list. They record my size, my color preference and my favorite items by certain designers. The call me when items come in and for VIP events in their store. 

5. Personal Trainer– I know some of you all are like OMG, I hate working out let alone get a personal trainer!!!! I know I do feel you however, I have a personal trainer who will help me excercise properly to meet my goals, whether I’m trying to lose weight or just want to build more muscle.  But if it’s really not what you want to do right now, there DVD’s workout programs that you can do, you can dance, walk, aerobics, Zumba,and Pilates. The point is to get moving. A healthy body is a beautiful body. 

6. Hairstylist– I must admit I am very picky when it comes to my hair and I don’t want to spend all day at the salon.  So my hairstyle understands me and my schedule. She knows how I like my hair and how to maintain the health of my hair. We work together to update my hairstyle each season. I trust her to do only what I want and to properly advise me  if the care and maintenance each style will require at home.

7. Nail Technician– I  don’t go as often as I should but I have been going to this salon since my son was 10 years old and he is now 23 years old. They also too realize my schedule and make sure my nails can go the distance until I return.

Well that’s my beauty team; now it time for you to create your own team..  You may have noticed that it takes time, efforts and patience to build the proper winning team. You may have to try a few before you get the perfect fit. You will have to voice your opinion, and give them the opportunity to better meet your needs next time. Just know you are the team captain the MVP abs the head cheerleader. Time to take your team to a beauty championship.


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