The Fashion Rockers


Well, what can I say, Mark & Estel out did themselves, the Fall 2015 collection is fire!!!

Of course if you caught the collection on the runway for Fashion week in NYC, the highlight of collection was the red cape dress with the thigh high stockings, black belt , rocker shoes, and the signature hat, that completed the look.( if you missed the runway show, you can go to to see the collection)

But for me I love the way they incorporated the plaid pattern to their collection this year, from the dress, to pants, to the lace top. I liked the different types of looks they gave with the grey dress with the pop of color but still kept their signature black and white. I am definitely a plaid girl and I will include this in my wardrobe for fall!

If you don’t have a Mark & Estel piece in your closet, you wardrobe is not complete.

Well looking forward to Mark & Estel Fashion week Spring 2016! Until then, keep looking fly and keep rocking your style!!




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