Leggings 101

Every fashionista should own at lease one pair of leggings but they should also know how to wear them. I have listed two things that you should remember when wearing them.

1.Leggings are meant for LAYERING. Leggings look similar to tights, but they are a bit thicker which is perfect for pairing under tunics or longer tops. They weren’t meant to be wore as PANTS.. (Hint Hint, look a picture below) I love leggings, especially for that comfy look, perfect for a chilly night!


2. They are also footless, meaning you can pair any them with ANY shoe… say WHAT?!? Whether it is a 4 inch fall wedge or a tall boot, leggings make it easy to slip anything as you’re rushing out the door. During the day you can keep leggings more casual and pair them with flat boots, but when you want to spice up your look for date night just change out the boots for these timeless wedges! See picture below of the different outfit ideas.



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