Hairstylist 101


It’s good for a fashionista to have a good hairstylist, someone that knows your personality and style.

It can be hard picking a stylist just for you. Most of us go to a hairstylist base on recommendations. Now don’t get me wrong being refer by someone is great but if they don’t get your personality and style then they are not the hairstylist for you.

So I have made a list of what you should look for in a hairstylist;

1. Consultation- all great hairstylist offer a consultation. (some charge a fee so ask before making the appointment) This not only to get to know you as a client but also you getting to know who they are too as a stylist.

2. Specialities- what are they known for, short styles, color, weaves, etc. This is important especially when selecting him or her because you may like to wear short hair and they specialize in long hair, etc.

3. Timely- are they on time? It’s the worst thing if you tell me to come at 6am and I get there and you are not there. A stylist should always be timely and ready to go. If you always have to wait for your stylist on a regular bases then it’s time to find another one. Your time is valuable so they should honor that.

4. Training- how often do they take a class/workshops to perfect their craft? A great hairstylist should always be a student of their craft.

5. Honest- you need a hairstylist that is open and honest with you when it comes to hair care. To me if I ask for a color and you know my hair is thin or breaking off.. Tell me no matter if it hurts my feelings or not.

I hope this help Fashionistas!!! For more idea of what you would like to see on the blog please email me at



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