The Rockers of Style~ Mark & Estel


Let me start off by saying I Love Mark & Estel collection but I must admit didn’t know about them until February when they launched their 2014 Fall/Winter collection.

I remember going through the schedule to see what designers would be on the line up. When checking it out I came across Mark & Estel.. For some reason the duo interest me by their style alone. It didn’t even accure to me that I could go back from the previous collection they display for the last season, I just said ok, I going to check them out.

When I saw their collection I was blown away!!! The hats gave that sporty but sharp look to the collection and also the mini dress that was very versatile that you could wear as a over your head hoodie look or not. If you didn’t know I was instantly in love.

For those that don’t know or never heard of this duo; they launched their collection in 2005 in Los Angeles. Made in the USA, the Mark & Estel line boast signature fashion tees, flowing dresses and iconic cut-out leggings a alongside ready to wear jackets and separates. The duos style and love for music signaled the simultaneous lauche of their brand “Mark & Estel”, and their fashion/music hybrid quickly became their brand signature. One of the many things I love about Mark & Estel collection is all of their clothing are made out of recycled material, including old t-shirt and sweat pants.

Their Spring/Summer collection for 2015 is even hotter!!! Short mini(which never goes out of style), shorts, long maxi and of course the bow tie(which I think is made out of t-shirt material) was the highlight.

This collection is made for the laid back but sporty chic, but don’t get me wrong any woman, laid back or just out of the box could benefit from adding this collection to your wardrobe. I can’t wait to see what’s to come for Fall/Winter 2015.

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