Scent of Style


Nothing in your beauty arsenal overpower you, and that includes your scent. Notes that attract flattery to a friend might fall flat on you, so choose personally and choose wisely.

* At the fragrance counter, start by spritzing your wrist. A scent isn’t going to smell the same in the air or on a tester card as it does once it hits your skin. Body temperature affects a fragrance notes, and each of is has our own specific skin chemistry. So what smells sexy on a friend may smell sickly on you. Try before you buy.

* Don’t rub your wrist together. This crushes the scent.

* Don’t buy a scent based on a celebrity endorsement. Chose it because it truly suits you.

* Once you find your magic portion stock up on it. Create a fragrance wardrobe with the one for day and another for evening.

*Lastly, where lighter scents for summer, more stronger scents in the winter. I prefer fruity and clean for summer, and sandalwood and vanilla fragrances for winter.

Tell me what is your scent of style? Leave a comment below.I would love to hear from you.


One thought on “Scent of Style

  1. I love fruity scents during my bedtime. Light scent during the day and I love a strong spice scent for the evening stepping out to just hang or get a bite.

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