Tom Ford Rocks London

Tom Ford Rocks London

This is late but,Tom Ford has open its first flag ship store in London… The design of the store is so fashion forward. The huge store on Sloane Street (like the fashion district Rodeo Dr in LA) is a 8.000 square feet of pure elegance and luxury.The Tom Ford store is a haven of high gloss lacquer, Cala Poanazza marble and dark wood. The store centres around a dramatic spiral staircase that leads to the second story of the huge shop. With whole rooms each dedicated to accessories,(separate for men and women’s) fragrances, cosmetics and of course, Tom Ford incredible line of beautifully crafted fashions-this store is an experience in itself. Not only will it have a fragrance room that contains all of Tom Ford signature scents, but it will also be home to an entirely new creation. In my Jay-Z voice.. Wearing Tom Ford for no reason…


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